Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 9

Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 9 -Are you a fan of the most anticipated TV show in this generation? Yeah pal, I’m talking about the hit TV series Jersey Shore Season 5. For the past years, it certainly done its job on bringing entertainment for all of its viewers. Now you be the judge. Watch this newest episode that is on its way to your TV screens. I know that you want some piece of some possible happenings so check this out pal.

On the current episode; the Unit returns from Miami, and Mike decides it's time to tell Snooki's boyfriend ''the truth.''Meanwhile,Deena,Pauly,Vinnny struggle being the only single roommates in the house. Watch Jersey Shore Sesaon 5 Episode 9 with the title “The Truth Will Set You Free” will officially air at exactly 10:00 PM Thursday, March 1, 2012 at MTV. There’s a lot of excitement and thrill ahead so don’t dare miss this one.  SP

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